Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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Product description

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Product Description

Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones - Black. Features total harmonic distortion of <0.5% per (1kilohertz @100decibel) with contact pressure measure of 3 Newton

Meet the PXC 550 Wireless

ntroducing the PXC 550 Wireless - Sennheiser’s premium headset tailored specifically for the discerning business traveller. This stylish, compact and foldable headset delivers exceptional sound quality, one of the best adaptive noise cancellation and crystal clear speech clarity. Ergonomically engineered for wearing comfort and intuitive control, this headset upgrades the on-the-go audio experience. In an often frantic and stressful traveller’s world, the PXC 550 Wireless puts the listener in control of their sensory environment - it’s what we call 'upgrading to first class'.

NoiseGard Adaptive Noise Cancelling

NoiseGard quiets the environment to ensure uninterrupted listening by modifying to ambient noise. Whether on a plane, train or noisy street NoiseGard delivers the level of noise suppression needed providing a comfortable listening experience allowing you to relax or focus on work

Exceptional Battery Performance

The PXC 550 Wireless delivers up to 30-hours of battery life on a single charge from any USB outlet. This means you can travel from London to Hong Kong and back in the comfort and tranquillity of adaptive noise cancellation. If you forget to charge the battery, the headset works passively with the remote cable both as headphone and headset.

Superior Sound Quality

The PXC 550 Wireless delivers Sennheiser’s signature sound quality. Music and movies are presented with exceptional clarity, balance and dynamics. Selectable sound modes allow you to tailor the sound to the source material. When connected via USB to a computer the PXC 550 Wireless acts a USB sound card improving the fidelity of music and calls on your PC or Mac. The soundtrack to your journey just got richer and more immersive.

Lightweight, Comfortable Design

The PXC 550 Wireless was designed with your journey in mind. Ergonomically engineered padded headband and rotating ear-cups provide incredible comfort for long listening sessions. The fold-flat collapsible frame enables the PXC 550 Wireless to discreetly fold away into the stylish, compact travel case.

Wireless Freedom

Wireless technology allows total freedom of movement whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure. The PXC 550 wireless features bluetooth 4.2 to effortlessly connect with any NFC or Bluetooth enabled device. Listen to music, take calls or simply enjoy the benefits of NoiseGard adaptive noise cancellation without wires. Experience wireless freedom with unrivalled sound quality.

Intuitive Control

Touch control with voice prompts make it easy to use the PCX 550 Wireless. A touchpad on the right ear-cup provides volume, play, stop, pause and track skipping control. Touching the ear-cup allows you to take an incoming call. The headset turns on and seamlessly connects to Bluetooth as you unfold them and automatically pauses audio when removed. Controlling this headset is instinctive and easy.

Business Class Communications

The PXC 550 Wireless allows you to stay connected while on the move. A Sennheiser triple microphone array delivers crystal-clear speech clarity for business and personal calls even in the busiest of environments, so you can stay in touch wherever you are.

CapTune. Your music, your way.

CapTune is a powerful player app engineered to compliment the PXC 550 wireless. It provides personalisation of sound performance and the ability to stream music directly to your headset giving you control on every level. CapTune is available for free in both iOS and Android versions.

Box Contains

1 x PXC 550 Wireless headset
Cable with remote
Carry case
USB cable
IFE adapters
Quick setup and safety guide