Type-C 3.1 to UHD HDMI Cable with USB Charging 4K 1080P MHL 6.5FT

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Product Description:
1.Input Interface: Using the latest USB3.1 Type-C interface, gold-plated plugs highlight luxury!
2.USB3.1 Type -C interface is about 8.25 * 2.4mm
3.USB3.1 Type-C interface supports forward and reverse plug
4. Both ends of the plug using injection molding process, wire rod is tinned copper OD: 4.0mm very thin, thin, very thin design more technical strength!
5.output HDMI male design allows you to bid farewell to fill the wiring trouble, plug and play directly connected to the monitor, projector, LCD TV and other high definition
display screen
Single strip packaging: 100G
Technical height:
1, USB A male and TYPE-C can be used separately to charge the device as a 3-meter charging cable, the maximum current up to 5V / 2.4A output;
2, TYPE-C and HDMI separate connection can still work independently Audio and video perfect output 4K 2K 30HZ 3D (3840 * 2160P);
TYPE-C and HDMI + USB power supply all connectivity, home entertainment, business office make your device do whatever they want! ! !
4K source fast forward playback instant response! No Caton! No delay! Stand the test of time!
Product compatibility instructions
Product Compatibility Description (2017.10.09 update)
A computer tablet class I tested a total of 37 models
Apple 5 models: macbook2015, macbook2016, macbook2017
Mac book pro, IMAC PRO2017
Huawei 2: mate book, mate book x
HP 1 paragraph: Pavilion x2
Millet 1 paragraph: Millet AIR
DELL 2 models: XPS13, XPS15
Lenovo 4 models: YOGA5 PRO, YOGA900, XIAOXIN AIR 12, Lenovo X270, small new AIR12LTE / 13Pro
Asus 1: U306
Google2 models: Chromebook Pixels; Pixelbook Pen
Samsung 9 models: NoteBook series (NT900X5N-L58L; NT900X5N-L37L; NT900X3N-K58; NT900X3N-K37L;
Galaxy Book Series (SM-W727NZKAKOO; SM-W627NZKFKOO;)
Galaxy Tab S3 Series (SM-T825NZKAKOO; SM-T820NZSAKOO;)
LG 9 models: Gram series (13Z970-G.AR30K; 14Z970-L.AR10K; 14Z970-L.AR1EK; 15Z970-G.AR31K; 15Z970-
G.AA50K; 15Z970-G.AA7HK; 14Z970-G.AR30K; 15Z970-G.AA50K; 15Z970-G.AA5BK;)
B mobile phone class I tested a total of 12 models
Samsung 3 models: Galaxy S8; S8 +; NOTE8
Huawei 1 paragraph: Mate10 / Pro
LG 2 models: LG G5; LG V300L
Package include:
1x 2M 6.5ft Type-C to UHD Cable